By: Business in Seattle, WA


Seattle, Washington is a vibrant city known for its thriving culinary scene and diverse population. With its love for food and a growing demand for unique dining experiences, Seattle presents an excellent opportunity to start a smoked whole turkey restaurant. This article aims to provide an understanding of the industry’s prospects in Seattle, approximate investment required, expected return on investment, and a list of suitable locations for a smoked whole turkey restaurant.

Demographic Overview

Seattle, WA is home to a population of nearly 760,000 people, with a steady increase in recent years. The city’s residents are known for their enthusiasm for good food, sustainable dining, and willingness to try new culinary concepts. With a mix of highincome households, young professionals, and food enthusiasts, Seattle offers a diverse customer base for a smoked whole turkey restaurant.

Importance of Location

Choosing the right location is crucial for the success of any restaurant business. In Seattle, several neighborhoods stand out as prime locations due to their high foot traffic and popularity among locals and tourists. Some key areas to consider are:

  1. Downtown Seattle: The heart of the city, downtown Seattle is filled with office buildings, hotels, and tourist attractions like Pike Place Market. This bustling area attracts both residents and tourists, providing a constant flow of potential customers for a smoked whole turkey restaurant.
  2. Capitol Hill: Known for its vibrant nightlife and trendy dining scene, Capitol Hill is a popular neighborhood amongst young professionals and residents looking for unique dining experiences. Its proximity to downtown also makes it easily accessible for office workers, ensuring a steady stream of customers.
  3. Fremont: Famous for its quirky charm and artistic vibe, Fremont is a neighborhood that celebrates local businesses and artisanal food. Its laidback atmosphere combined with a growing food culture make it an ideal location for a smoked whole turkey restaurant.

Investment and Returns

Starting a smoked whole turkey restaurant in Seattle requires careful financial planning. While costs can vary depending on factors like size, location, and interior design, a rough estimate for the initial investment would be around $200,000 to $300,000. This includes expenses like leasehold improvements, equipment, licensing, marketing, and staff training.

However, with the right marketing strategy and consistent quality, the potential return on investment in this industry can be profitable. Based on industry averages, a wellmanaged smoked whole turkey restaurant can expect a return on investment within 2 to 3 years.


Seattle, WA presents a promising future for the smoked whole turkey restaurant industry. With a diverse and foodloving population, there is a growing demand for unique dining experiences like this. By carefully selecting an appropriate location in areas such as downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, or Fremont, and investing in the necessary resources, entrepreneurs can tap into this market opportunity. With proper planning and execution, a smoked whole turkey restaurant in Seattle has the potential to be a successful venture. So, why not start cooking up some mouthwatering smoked turkey and bring a delightful dining experience to the people of Seattle?